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    Tongjia LED sales elite training ended
     Tongjia LED sales elite training ended
    An invigorating autumn climate in August, Tongjia LED sales elite training will continue in Dongguan, Xiamen, Shenzhen, held smoothly, a total of 100 business representatives to participate in the training. Well-known brain training teachers and senior Tongjia technical teacher training are respectively made a wonderful speech, students reflect the good classroom order, in order, the students and the teachers questions positive interaction, and organize many students experience sharing, students learned a lot of practical sales skills and methods. In the very next day in the development of the training, all participants involved in the adventure and rich, expand the project, not only surpass themselves, also deeply appreciate the strength of the team, each participant received promotion and harvest.

    Through the LED elite sales training, on the transmission of Tongjia LED brand and try for the business representative business ability plays a very positive role, to further strengthen the business on behalf of the Tongjia brand history and Tongjia LED beads, patch LED, high-power LED, LED lighting, LED LED series products of cognition, the business representative closing capacity will be bigger stimulative effect.
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